Backyard Mud Kitchen

Give your kids endless outdoor pretend play fun with this best mud kitchen. Just connect to a garden hose or indoor plumbing via adapters (not included) or add kitchen utensil hooks and keep your toddlers busy imagining.

Make the best mud pies. With a bit of creativity, sloppy mud can become a smooth cake batter! Gather twigs, dirt, grass, pinecones, and other ingredients for earthy stew and cook it in the pot on the stove top. Very sturdy and clear coating provides long lasting durability and weather resistance.

Help kids understanding the world and explore the outdoor environment as they dig in the mud and encounter plants and creepy crawlies. Mud kitchens also involve some science based learning as children can get hands dirty and experience the different textures and consistency of mud, seeing how this changes as they add more water.





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Processing Time

2 business days per kitchen


1-7 year old but older kids love it too


71L x 48H x 30W. Approximately 100 lbs.


Fully assembled with sink, shelf, and cook tops attached. Double sink depths and faucets, burner shapes/styles and accessories will vary depending upon availability. One utensil basket and one cooking pot included.

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PSED Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Mud kitchens encourage role play, sharing and turn taking. How does this feel? How did you make this? Expressive Arts: Mud kitchens are amazing spaces for sparking kids imagination. It takes a good deal of creative thinking to transform muddy creations into culinary delights.

Communication and Language Development

Mud kitchens encourage children to talk about what they are doing using specific vocabulary (utensil and cooking related), and often the excitement of being outside and involved in messy play gets young learners feeling even more confident about speaking and sharing their thoughts.

Math Skills

Measuring water and mixing it in set quantities to see the different outcomes. Shapes of kitchen accessories introduce geometry concepts. Various dirt textures result in different weights to pick up.

Physical Development

Physically, learners need to be able to grip hold of spoons and spatulas, as well as lift heavy bowls. This helps to develop the muscles/cartilage in the hands and supports fine motor skill development. Mixing and stirring also boosts hand-eye coordination.


Build friendships


Make sense of surroundings


Endless possibilities

Pretend Play

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