Customer Support

We offer 24/7 email and text messaging support. Customers may contact us to ask questions about items for sale, reschedule pick up time, change shipping address, inquire about furniture designer opportunities, etc. Note: freight shipping charges may vary based on shipping address.

Testing Services

We provide a wide range of testing procedures of all our used merchandise. Qualified experienced technicians pass items that are strictly 100% fully functional and resembling 90% or more of original appearance. Customers are encouraged to read condition description thoroughly since some new items may be sold without original packaging.

Complete Care

All of our used, new, and hand-made merchandise for sale is carefully stored at a warehouse with proper temperature and humidity requirements, in a smoke-free, rodent-free, and pest-free environment.

Spare Parts

We recommend using reliable and unique online sources which had not failed us in the past such as,, and

Promo Services

In combining our efforts with a local shipping pallet and reclaimed wood provider Fort Worth Pallets Company to find and actively encourage local furniture designers, we provide affordable opportunities to assist talented designers of all ages in promoting their custom-made furniture pieces for sale. Please contact us by email with your portfolio.

Custom Services

We will coordinate our best efforts to your custom furniture and appliance requests, no matter how small such request may seem. From many years of refurbishing and upcycling furniture and appliances experience, we understand that oftentimes locating small items, like hardware or electrical wiring adapters, may be challenging. Contact us with any request and we will give it due diligence. © All Rights Reseverd

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